The sacred path


To make our path sacred is the secret mission of our life. Regardless our main purpose here, without sacredness life becomes meaningless, empty, and dark. In sacred alignment, there is spiritual fulfilment, for us and for the Whole. Only out of the sacred can there be growth, individually and collectively. To travel the sacred path … Continue reading The sacred path

Holistic Notes on Going Vegan – Free Ebook


Being vegan is a plant-based lifestyle that contemplates an animal suffering free living. Ultimately, it’s pure love and respect for us and for all/Whole. I wrote some notes on this subject under a spiritual, holistic perspective, which I am making available for everyone for free. Grab your free ebook below and share if you care … Continue reading Holistic Notes on Going Vegan – Free Ebook

The stars came for my heart

The stars came for my heart

The intense cosmic energies/shifts around 2020 have deepened my cosmic connection/awareness. My starseed origin became very clear, as if I was awakening from a dream. Actually, it felt like remembering, it was all already within. Many revelations/activations took place in the meanwhile, some of which I am not yet totally aware of, or can rationally … Continue reading The stars came for my heart

Child of the Universe

Child of the Universe

Cosmic gateways open,I am invited to enter in.Higher dimensions of light call,With no resistance, soul flies free.In the realms of no where/time,Greater connection is king.Expanded awareness reaches the skies,A cosmic embrace in return comes in.The Great Mother of the Universe whispers:Welcome Home my precious child,You belong to Me, and I live through youThe greatness of … Continue reading Child of the Universe