My guardian angel dedicated me a poem

My guardian angel dedicated me a poem

My relationship with my guardian angel (one of them, I have two, but this will be an issue for another post) deepen in the last couple of years. His image became very clear to me, he revealed his name to me, and he started to communicate more clear and more often with me. At a certain point of our growing relationship, he dedicated me a poem, and I was profoundly touched by the experience. While experiencing a though moment in my life with lots of confusion and inner turmoil, one day I notice that something was coming up to me: words started to pop up on my head, a beautiful angelic download, that I couldn’t no longer forget. My guardian angel was dedicating me a poem, comforting me as such:

Sometimes you see me big in the sky,

others small in your gemstone*

Sometimes you sit me in your heart,

others you call me to your home.

But of one thing you can be sure about,

That I am always with you,

You are never alone.

your Guardian Angel

*I use to see an image of an angel in the pattern of my lapis-lazuli, that I have assumed to be my light blue guardian angel F*

Words will never express how he made me feel special, blessed and protected. The heart is grateful to the one that is always near, never leaving me alone. Weeks later, while walking in the city, I started to sing a song to him. I felt him so close like I was invoking him with those words. The lyric was:

Guardian angel of my soul,

wrap me in your wings of love.

Be with me along the day,

as I work, as I play.

Keep me save also at night,

protected under your sight.

a grateful soul

For me, his poem was an reassurance that he is always with me even when I don’t notice his presence, even when I am in turmoil, or in pain, or in suffering, he is always with me and I am never alone. And that is priceless. Thank you! I love you!

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