This just one thing can take you out of inner turmoil

This just one thing can take you out of inner turmoil.jpg

In our spiritual journey, inner turmoil, emotional roller coaster, and feelings of being lost and wrong happen to most of us, at least once in a while, as we peal the old layers and open ourselves to healing and to the light. Inner turmoil and distress drag us down into darkness, confusion, loneliness and doubt. To me, these feelings had serious impact on my health, both physical and emotional, experienced often as burn outs. Overwhelmed by lower emotions triggered by old conditioning, creeds, beliefs and mind sets, from this life (childhood) or previous ones, I felt like being the worst person on Earth. In one of these occasions, I was able to step out of this inner turmoil with the spiritual insight brought to me by the Universe that I have chosen to be here and to experience all this. Becoming aware of it impacted my consciousness in such a way that allowed me to step back from the inner turmoil I was in and to gain perspective, spiritual perspective, which brought me back to myself (true self). I was no longer spinning around on the twists of my mind, but out of it, watching, surrendering, at peace. There was a deep sense that things were meant to be this way, that there is nothing wrong with me or my life, that everything happens for a reason, and that all is well, and so will remain. By remembering this single truth, the inner walls of confusion, loneliness and doubt I was beating my head on collapsed and in its place there was deep surrendering and deep acceptance, without the need to control (ego), to understand (mind) or even to struggle. One single insight hitting deep down the soul can operate miracles. The veil of illusion starts to fade and we return once more back on our way, trustful and hopeful, knowing that everything will be ok.

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