How amazing is when the Universe communicate with us

How amazing is when the Universe communicate wih us.jpg

Isn’t it amazing how the Universe communicate with us using significant signs, situations and people in a process also known as synchronicity? I started to notice these events more often especially after reading The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, which had a profound effect on my life path. More than a story, I immediately started to live and incorporate the spiritual insights there as part of my spiritual awakening and development. And its quite amazing how the Universe/God aligns us with things that are meant to be for us, when we open ourselves and our hearts to the magic of life. I had lots of synchronicity experiences in my life, which somehow showed me the direction I should follow to be in the light and continue to spiritually grow along my path in life. I am going to share one of this stories that happened to me recently within the scope of Holistica.

Couple of days after publishing My Reiki story with Sirius – my dearest friend and brightest star in the sky, I received an email from an old friend from college with a calling for adoption of a rescued cat that was in a animal shelter. More than “just another sad story”, this email had special signs in it as if the Universe was trying to tell me something: days after my blog post (which emerged in my heart a strong emotional energy concerning my deceased pet Sirius), a cat with blue eyes (as Sirius when kitten), and a cat named Sapphire (a crystal name for a crystal lover as myself). The story resonated with me immediately, and the question “if I should keep her” came right away into my mind. My present cat, a beautiful black “panther-like” fur, is very sociable, and is always looking for my neighbor’s cats. Such behavior made me wonder if he would like to have a cat companion nearby; somehow I had already an half-opened door for what the Universe was preparing. While asking the Universe/God if I should keep her, and waiting for the answers and signs, I saw my will vanishing in fear when thinking on the “how” – how will I tell my family, how will I get her (the animal refuge she was in was 300 Km away from my home), how this, how that… Lost in my analytical mind, confused and without courage to decide, I received a phone call from my friend wondering if I saw her email (this was another sign – nowadays we just talk to each other basically on our birthdays, and don’t see each other for more than 10 years now, but this time she was “inspired” to call me). “She is very sweet and gentle, easy-going and special… and its a pity to be left on the refuge… what you think?” I told her that I needed time to think about it – not that I haven’t think a lot last couple of days – but anyway, I would go to visit my family within a week during my holidays (another sign – how “convenient” having my holidays at that time… and believe me they were scheduled several weeks before) and maybe I could pick her at that time.

Following days signs were everywhere as a confirmation that I should keep this cat. Messages in emails, in job requests, in t-shirts, among others were some of the ways. However, at the same time, fear also grew inside of me, dwelling me in indecision and confusion, and withering my heart. In amidst of confusion, I realize that the “Yes” I was avoiding/doubting was based on love, and that realization gave me the courage I needed to say the “Yes” my heart wanted to speak all along. It came also into my mind how that decision could change the life of another being forever – her life could be very different from her present situation. I could make a difference in another being’s life – a positive, significant difference. Choosing out of love, not out of fear, was a simple hack that helped me to decide. I decided to keep this cat because the Universe had putted her on my way knowing/trusting that I would care. The day I brought her into my parents’ home, and while checking my emails and notifications, I notice “1 like” in my “My Reiki story with Sirius” blog post, which I felt like a Universe confirmation and acknowledge for my decision. Everything was as it was meant to be. Since the first day, I felt that we knew each other for so long, and everyday is as if she lived here with me since ever (familiarity is another sign from the Universe when things are meant to be).

Asking the Universe and being attentive to the signs with an open heart and faith that everything is well and so it will remain, is crucial in communicating with the Universe/God. And if you need clarifications concerning any issue, just ask for new signs. The Universe won’t let us without reply.

Have you notice how this post started and ended with the same story (“My Reiki story with Sirius“)? Was it a coincidence? I don’t think so. There aren’t such things as coincidences… 😉


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(photo credits: omaralnahi in Pixabay)


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