Little Oat Breads (Vegan, GF)

This simple, vegan recipe is easy and quick to prepare. Little oat breads (or salty oat cookies, if you prefer) are great for breakfast, to complement any dish at lunch/dinner or to savor in-between meals as a snack. They hold all the goodness of a vegan, gluten-free food, in particular the high nutritional content of oats, sesame … Continue reading Little Oat Breads (Vegan, GF)


Ancestral healing is a way of honoring our ancestors

Days before this July Full Moon, which also matched a Total Lunar Eclipse, I started to feel the need of dwelling in ancestral healing affairs as some patterns (my own and of my family) became more evident to me. My family heritage was not all about hair color or eyes shape, but also about some … Continue reading Ancestral healing is a way of honoring our ancestors

3 spiritual quotes for harsh times

Going into the depths of some spiritual truths can bring spiritual insight and the realization needed to endure and grow during harsh times. The ultimate reason for suffering and pain is spiritual learning and growth, not punishment, condemnation or any other negative form of personal dis-empowerment. Is during harsh moments in life that the greatest … Continue reading 3 spiritual quotes for harsh times