How magical are the little things in life

How magical are the little things in life.jpg

Life is full of magical things. Usually we miss it while being too busy in the mundane/material plane in which we loose ourselves. In that “lostness” we rarely notice the little miracles of everyday life. They are everywhere, all the time, we just forgot how to see it, to notice it, to celebrate it. As we grow, we lost our child-like, magical way of looking at things, our wonder sight that make things look magical. And its not a question of how amazing things really are (sometimes they are, sometimes they don’t), but how amazingly we see it. Max Planck quote: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” is one of my favorite quotes, describing this in perfection. Finding magic in the ordinary is just a question of perspective. Using a “wonder-lens” to focus on life’s beauties, even if little or ephemeral, help us to refresh our energy and our life. Things are what they are (ultimately not good, not bad), many of them we cannot change or control (just let them be what they are), but we can choose how and where to look at, noticing the little miracles, the little beauties, the little coincidences, the little messages and signs… they are everywhere, just open your eyes (inner sight) and see. When was the last time you notice the colorful blossoming of a flower, the truthful smile of a child, the quietness of a morning drew, the gentle swing of a grass blade on the wind, the depths of an elder’s eyes, the sweet smell of jasmine, the harmonious sound of a wind-chime, the unfurling of a new leaf, the clear fly of a swallow, the silent shine of a distant star, the glowing light of an ancient tree … All these moments hold tremendous power, as they are truthful expressions of Existence. They are full of life, of the Universe essence, and of the Divine. As we tune in with the sacredness of Existence, our energetic frequency rises to higher levels, and we feel more alive and full of light. Being attentive to the sacred, little things in life is a magical art that brings many benefits to one’s life. Just try and see how much difference does it makes in your day, in your mood, in your life. Just open your eyes and see…


(photo credits: Soorelis in Pixabay)

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