3 spiritual quotes for harsh times

3 spiritual quotes for harsh times

Going into the depths of some spiritual truths can bring spiritual insight and the realization needed to endure and grow during harsh times. The ultimate reason for suffering and pain is spiritual learning and growth, not punishment, condemnation or any other negative form of personal dis-empowerment. Is during harsh moments in life that the greatest lessons are learned, the deepest spiritual truths are realized and the most effective spiritual growth occurs. Difficult times, often accompanied by suffering at any level whether physical, mental/emotional or spiritual, are like the match that can light up the soul-candle, they are the way to bring in the light. Here are some spiritual quotes I have found to be very useful during harsh times, especially when we feel overwhelmed, disoriented and/or lacking inner strength. They can by themselves lighten up the soul, bring in deep realization and spiritual perspective, while smothering internal suffering.

  • This too shall pass – when suffering whether physical, emotional mental or spiritual seems unbearable. Knowing that it will end is somehow comforting. The non-permanent nature of all things is the guaranty that the suffering will end. All the things change and, sooner or later, those harsh moments will change and end too. Holding this truth while watching the inevitable change is all we have to do in the light of the awareness that this too will end eventually.
  • If you don’t know where to go, how can you be lost? – For when we are disoriented and experiencing feelings of lostness. One can only be lost if he knows where he wants to go or where he needs to be on the road ahead. If he doesn’t know the destination, then the problem is solved, there is no problem at all. Just be in the moment, that’s all. Be ok with the fact of not knowing where you want/need to go. The present moment is where we need to be, in the here and now, not there… wherever that is.
  • I am a dead leaf going where the wind takes me – This Zen saying is tremendously useful in moments when we feel drained and without the will or strength to “fight” things around. Just let things be what they are and go with the flow. This is the stage of surrendering… surrendering to life, to the Universe, and to the Divine, even without knowing what will happen next, or how things will work out. Just surrender, and go with the flow, trusting that as part of the Existence, Existence will have to take care of you and of everything else. All is fine and so it will be.


Using harsh times and internal suffering to fuel spiritual growth is a personal art that once learned can bring a boost in our journey towards the light. Life is not just about the blossoming lotus, but also about the mud they live in. The old eastern saying “no mud, no lotus” picture this in perfection. Honor your life by blossoming in the mud. That is the best fertilizer to grow and flower. Just be the beautiful lotus you are meant to be.




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