Angelic note to self (for when things suck inside)

Angelic note to self

Recently, and while walking around in the city, I found myself feeling ashamed. Ashamed of myself, of my life, of my body. Ashamed of being looked by others knowing what they are thinking, knowing that they are categorizing me as “weird”, “broken”, “failure”… Strong empathetic traits that mix with old mindsets, believes and traumas (from my childhood, adolescence and probability from my previous lives too) to harshly rock me against low self-esteem/self-love issues some now and then. As a “person”, I feel like not being from this world (which truly I am not): not fitting in “normal” standards (whatever “normal” is) and not living by the “rules” (never did, never will – yep, black sheep). What for many years was felt as a “defect”, turn out to be one of my biggest strength/singularity, as self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-acceptance grew in me after spiritual awakening. This, however, may revert when I am under extremely dense, toxic, negative energies (people, situations or places), and/or feeling exhausted and burn out, which was the case that day.

Latter on, and while reflecting on these feelings, I had this “angelic” download:

“Maybe your “weirdness” is your greatest gift, what makes you special, somehow the reason why you are here. You didn’t born to be a copy, but an original, a unique divine painting of the Universe, created in a day of extravagant divine inspiration. If you are here, is because you are needed, you have a part to play, a mission to accomplish. Don’t underestimate yourself, neither put yourself down. You are beautiful the way you are. “The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.” – Remember this Galileo Galilei quote given to you as a special message many years ago in a spiritual event? It applies to you, its all about you by then and now too. Always remember it. Even the Sun would cry out if the grapes remain unripened… He would care, so the Divine (metaphorically, the Sun), so the Universe (Existence as a Whole). You are important. That is why you are living… Just BE yourself”.

Angelic downloads “happen” to me some now and then, often carrying meaningful messages (to myself and/or others). Because this one is inspiring and uplifting, comforting and caring, I decided to share it here. Keep this note for yourself if you like it and read it when you feel that things suck inside. That is what I am going to do. Thank you angels for always being with me (“Never alone“).

(Photo credits: Bru-nO in Pixabay)

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