Lessons learned from my cat masters

Lessons learned from my cat masters

Life is the highest of the schools, and along our journey through life, many masters can present themselves to us in many different forms to teach us the deepest and invaluable lessons that can allow us to evolve during our passage on Earth.

Among the many teachers I had in life, cats are among the greatest ones. If you are blessed enough to consciously enjoy their presence and company, you will know what I mean. Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned from my (cat) masters:

  • Sleep over it – if you are bored, sleep over it and you will awaken with new ideas/insights; if you are tired, sleep over it and you will awaken refreshed and re-energized; if you are worried, sleep over it, and when you wake up, worries were downsized to simple concerns; if you have problems, sleep over it and you might awaken with the solution. Rest, rest and rest… resting is vital to life. Cats are both masters of resting and masters of life.
  • Play a lot – no matter what’s going on in your life, play a lot, dare to be silly, to roll over, to run, to laugh, to be child-like… totally enjoy yourself in it and see how refreshed and re-energized you’ll feel. Cats do it for no reason at all, whether young or old, whether alone or with companions.
  • Stretch – stagnant energy and blockages don’t get along with stretching. Cats do it all the time, and they master energy like any other being. Your energy will flow naturally, promoting vitality and well-being. Besides, stretching promotes flexibility and openness at all levels – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. Expanded awareness will eventually follow.
  • Be attentive – no other living being can be so attentive as cats. They REALLY pay attention to everyone and everything, putting all of their being on it. The old saying “Sleeping and catching rats” picture this in perfection. Even when they seem to be sleeping/resting, they are attentive to their surroundings, whether through sight, hearing, or feeling. Have you notice how their whiskers or tail “sense” their surroundings? BEing fully in the present, in the here and now, is part of this lesson.
  • Stay wild – no matter how domesticated they seem to be, they still remain untamed and not afraid to show their wilderness. You can be his friend, but never his owner. No one can own them, they master themselves and their life, they are what they always have been – wild and free.
  • Be curious – they are always trying to know and understand things. They don’t mind to error if they have to trial – there is no other way. Yes, its true “Curiosity kill the cat“, but curiosity also made him a master and life expertise. Besides, cats own “9 lives“, who cares if one is lost in exploring new things. That is the way to mastery.
  • Energy never lies – There isn’t a way you can deceive a cat, because energy never lies, and their language is that of energy/vibration. Have you try to take them to the vet under the disguise of “Came here sweet, I’ve got a treat for you”? You will know what I am talking about… and even if you have a treat, if your intention is to cheat on him, he will know it. In the same way, use the language of energy in your life and you will always go ahead of others/situations, because energy don’t lie. You will “know” it before hand.
  • Mix with things/others – and see how much easier life can be. Have you notice how they mix with their surroundings, whether hunting or hiding? They are masters of disguise. That allow them to take advantage of what it is as it is. In the same way, use your surroundings, people or situations, to move ahead. Go with the flow, instead of struggling it. Don’t waste your energy over unnecessary things/situations: Let them be, let them go.
  • Be mysterious – this is one of my favorite facets of a cat. Always seeing/ knowing more than they show, always surrounded by a glow of magic and mystery… You know when they stair at you seeing beyond what eyes can see, capturing what is really going on deep inside, or when they sense etheric beings around the house (e.g. angels, spirits, etc) , noticing more than you will eventually know or be aware of. A true master never reveals how much he knows, sees or senses, because truth is always a mystery, and mysteries should remain so.
  • Share your feelings honestly – if they like it they will let you know (Purrrrfect!), if they don’t they will signal you (e.g. turn around and leave). They don’t pretend, they don’t try to please you or to impress you. Follow your master(s) and stand for your truth. Never assume others will know it, because most of the times, they don’t.

Because learning will last for as long as life will last, I hope I can share more lessons from my (cat) masters soon. These days, I have two amazingly crazy, wise and wild fur teachers. Everyday is a new class, and classroom is messy all the time… I think the lesson is about chaos and acceptance of how chaotic life can be sometimes… (this is a really hard to learn lesson ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿพ).

(Photo credits: Amandad in Pixabay)

9 thoughts on “Lessons learned from my cat masters

    1. It all came out from the life I have been sharing with my beloved, purrrrfect friends. I feel really blessed for having them in my life. Good friends, amazing masters! Thanks you for your comment, it was most appreciated!!


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