Keep it simple

Keep it simple

Life in itself is simple. Mind likes to complicate, ego loves to create difficulties. Among their twists and knots we loose connection with our higher self. Soul is simple, super simple, easily simple, as soul is light. The grace of the divine sparkles in us as our own nature, and in that alignment we are what we always have been or will be – light. And light is as simple as that, as light is ultimately “All that is”, everlasting pure energy. From that point, we are whole as we always have been. From that point, we have nothing to prove or to improve, we are and that’s it. We are the light and that will always remain. Simple… isn’t it? … well, not really… majority of times we like to complicate, to complaint, to struggle… Awareness is required, and that is our part right now here on Earth – to awaken, to be aware, and to return to our own light. Simplifying our life, our thoughts, our choices bring us closer to ourselves and the Divine. Holistic de-cluttering may be required along with sticking to the simple ways and to the simple things in life. So, keep it simple, as simple as life, because a simple way is the way of life.

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(Photo credits: Pezibear in Pixabay)

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