Through the eyes of the angels

Through the eyes of the angels everything seems so bright. Divine light shines in all things/beings, and "All that is" is alive. Through the eyes of the angels everything seems so right. There is a loving acceptance of "All that is", as "All that is" is ultimately Divine. Through the eyes of the angels is … Continue reading Through the eyes of the angels


Easy, eco-friendly homemade shampoo

Easy eco-friendly homemade shampoo

My ecological concerns, skin allergies and increased energetic sensitivity took me on a journey towards homemade, eco-friendly beauty care products.¬†After lots of research and experiences, some errors and trials, I came up with this simple, eco-friendly homemade shampoo. This recipe is easy to prepare and not too much time-demanding. It uses natural, vegan ingredients, which … Continue reading Easy, eco-friendly homemade shampoo

The need for undercover lightwork

The need for undercover lightwork

After such intense autumn letting go, I found myself strangely stranger than usual, and tremendously calm; centered within, looking to my surroundings (body included) with glittering sight. I felt more light and free without the need to do anything else, or even to look for something else. There was a inner feeling of surrender in … Continue reading The need for undercover lightwork