Easy, eco-friendly homemade shampoo

Easy eco-friendly homemade shampoo

My ecological concerns, skin allergies and increased energetic sensitivity took me on a journey towards homemade, eco-friendly beauty care products. After lots of research and experiences, some errors and trials, I came up with this simple, eco-friendly homemade shampoo. This recipe is easy to prepare and not too much time-demanding. It uses natural, vegan ingredients, which are widely available and are inexpensive. I like to prepare it with lots of love (channeling Reiki on it) in a very conscious state.

Ingredients: 1/2 vegan soap bar, shredded  (e.g. Dr Bronner’s soap bar or Le Petit Olivier soap bar), 1/4 cup of sodium bicarbonate, 1 cup of boiling water (you may need to add more cold water, depending on the soap bar you are using, see details below), 10-15 drops of organic essential oil of Tea tree.

Blend the shredded soap bar with the sodium bicarbonate in a food processor. Add 1 cup of boiling water and blend again for a couple of minutes until the soap+bicarbonate dissolves completely. Allow it to cool for an hour, add the essential oil and blend again. Allow it to cool completely and blend again. In the end, you will have a light texture cream/foam, which is very easy to apply on your scalp. After washing your hair with this shampoo (of alkaline pH), rise with water and apply apple cider vinegar as conditioner (acid pH), to balance your scalp pH and raise again. Store the shampoo in a glass mason jar with plastic lead (bicarbonate will rust metal leads). 

In case you notice your shampoo is still too “solid” after cooling, you may need to add more cold water (up to a cup, depending on your soap bar) to the shampoo mixture and blend again, until you get the cream/foam texture mentioned above. Recently, I start to use a super natural, vegan soap bar just made of olive oil, laurel berry oil and sodium hydroxide, and prepared accordingly to the traditional recipes of legendary soap makers from Alep (France). For this soap bar, I only use one cup of water (the boiling one). 

By preparing your own shampoo, you are: a) caring for the environment, as most of vegan soap bars are sold in recycled paper package and dismiss toxic, harmful substances; b) caring for your health, as your scalp will be balanced, free of allergies, dandruff or oil; and c) also saving money, once you can prepare a jar of shampoo from half soap bar, which lasts for 1-2 months (depending on use and on users). So, in the end, it’s good for you, it’s good for all. 


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