The sacredness of death

The sacredness of death

What it is about death that relativizes all the things happening in our lives? What it is about death that bring people together when they lived apart all their lives? What it is about death that allow us to forgive and forget and to step into higher states of being beyond lower/negative feelings and experiences? What it is about death that drops people negative traits and suddenly make them even like saints?

Death is such profound, purifying event that puts all life issues into perspective, re-directing us towards sacred, respectful responses. All sort of problems become small issues under its influence. What set us apart in life seems to disappear in front of the great mystery of death. No longer we see a reason for our/others segregation actions or behavior. Suddenly, we become too small and all part of the same. 

Death remind us of the inevitable change of each moment, something we try to ignore/forget all our lives. Change is the constant of existence that in an eternal begin and end renew itself in the universal flow of all things/beings. The end is merely the begin, the begin naturally derives to the end. Under this fluid perspective of “All that is”, we realize how precious and unique each moment is. We begin to hear the call of Existence to celebrate each moment/experience, as things will never be the same. Death in itself is a mark that remind us of the one-way street Existence is. Always flowing forward (hopefully evolving), there is no turning back. No wonder that Buddha considered the meditation about death the greatest of all meditations. It can provide us deep insights about life, the sacredness of all Existence, the oneness in “All that is”. Ultimately, death has the potential to push us towards awakening, while pulling us to the awareness of the here and now.

Death isn’t something to be afraid of, or to hide from. Is something to relate to, to explore, to accept, to comprehend. It is something we will have to face, as we did before, so many times – eventually we/our beloved ones/the ones around us will leave this body and departure from this world. No one dies actually, we just change worlds. Death in itself has so many teachings. Dwelling in the sacredness of death is dwelling in the sacredness of life, as both are the two sides of the same coin. Welcome its invaluable lessons, truthful soul reflections, deep mysteries, and even, awakening. All worthwhile, and just possible while living. Make sure you won’t miss it.

(Photo credits: Mysticsartdesign in Pixabay)

3 thoughts on “The sacredness of death

    1. May we all take the most out of our lives, which include also the understanding, acceptance and preparation for the inevitable “death”. Postponing it is the excuse of fear and of ego that feels threatened. Embracing it is the awareness natural response, born out of time spend in reflection, meditation, and spiritual understanding. Thanks for your comment dear Trina, take care!

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