Goji: blessed berries for a healthy, long life

goji blessed berries for a healthy long life

Goji berries are the small, reddish fruit of a shrub (Lycium barbarum) growing wildly in the sacred lands of Tibet (and nearby areas). It is considered a super food due to it's high nutrient content, often associated to vitality and longevity. Goji berries offer a good dose of fiber, over 20 different vitamins and minerals, … Continue reading Goji: blessed berries for a healthy, long life


Meant to fly with angels

Meant to fly with angels

Some years ago, while questioning the Divine/Universe about the loner path I always seemed destined to walk no matter what, this was the message I received: "You are meant to fly with angels, not to walk with men". This angelic message vanished away all feelings of loneliness, abandon or even rejection that some now and … Continue reading Meant to fly with angels

Because of darkness we value light

Because of darkness we value light

It's because of darkness that we are able to value the light. Light exist regardless of darkness (although the opposite doesn't verify), but we need darkness, which ultimately is just the absence of light, to give light it's value. In the absence of light, we notice what is lacking. Ultimately, in darkness, we miss ourselves. … Continue reading Because of darkness we value light