The whole Universe in a fruit

The whole Universe in a fruit

While enjoying my morning fruit and remembering with gratitude the tree that gifted me with such a sweet peach, entered into my consciousness that the whole life of that tree was in that fruit. Her whole existence was condensed in her sweet creation, as if all her growth, life and energy happened for that moment, for that fruit. All her metabolic and physiological processes, whether intrinsic regulated or environmental driven, from first leaves up to the highest branches, happened for that fruit. All her livings and interactions, from the strong winds that had shaken her into the depths of her roots to the comforting sunlight rays that kissed her frond each day, were in that fruit. That fruit was part of her life mission. And regardless of what she went through to get there or what will happen afterwards, she accomplished her goal – a high vibrational/nutritional food carrying the species heritage for the future (seed), i.e. a momentum full of potential/possibilities.

In each bite of the peach, my awareness drifted/expanded into Oneness, as if the whole Universe was in that fruit. From the peach in my hands to the tree’s life-history, her surroundings and far beyond, I was able to feel it all. The life giver energy of the Sun and the blessing drops of rain that fell on the ground, the birds that came to sing on her branches and the bees that drunk the sweet nectar of her pink flowers, the moon cycles she witnessed in silence and even the shine of the distant stars in the Universe, all became present. In addition to this holistic apprehension/appreciation, I perceived the time required for all this as a blessing. Not the stressful-rat-race time of modern society, but rather the divine pace of the Universe that allows things to BECOME naturally with no rush. Time was a necessary, valuable factor allowing growth, flowering, fruiting and maturing.

On the continuous flow of life and the ephemeral nature of all things/beings (both intricately time-related), all is purposeful. All things/beings matter, are necessary, and are inter-connected much beyond our understanding. And even if the fruit fell off the tree and rotten on the ground, still the tree’s existence/effort was meaningful and her mission accomplished, as many processes/interactions can derive from there. In the end, I was left with this message/lesson: “As the fruit/tree allow time to mature you into a sweet divine creation that blesses and nourishes other’s life“.

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