At peace with life

At peace with life

A deep feeling of peace invaded me from inside out, urging me to be at peace with my heart, at peace with my mind, at peace with life. Naturally, I felt compelled to detach from the outside and to dwell into the feeling/realization that “All is well and it is perfect as it is”. Inner peace does not depend on external things/people. Outer factors can only disturb my peace when I am not centered within and deep rooted at soul level.

Things are what they are, ultimately not good, not bad. Yes, things/people could be different/better, but majority of cases they are out of my reach or are not my responsibility. Even the situations I could reach out/change, are not worthy of my energy if the price is my peace.

The spiritual standstill I have found myself lately brought me into this pleasant feeling and Zen state perfectly translating the quote “Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to be”. In this realization, what lasts? Just to rest peacefully in the moment. And the present moment is all there is, is all we have, is where we are.

Peace to all…

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