Embraced by the stars

Embraced by the stars

The intense energy around last full moon invited me to release the reminiscences of unworthiness that are not allowing me to receive all that life has in store for me. This lower feeling/old belief puts me in a resistance mode, pushing away the gifts from Universe. Old guilt energy associated with past seemingly “wrong” actions trapped me inside this cage of unworthiness that unconsciously blocks what’s coming on my way.

Therefore, forgiveness was the main tone of this moon/cosmic-driven inner work. In this process, I realized that the only thing that was missing was to forgive myself, as Source and Universe had never condemned me in the first place. From their compassionate hearts, there is only loving acceptance. Under their light, all shadows vanish away.

Self-forgiveness wrapped me for a while in a belonging, full-of-acceptance embrace from all the stars in the Universe. Lifted towards higher levels of light, I felt as free as they really are. After all, they are my cosmic sisters, as we are all made of the same cosmic stuff and eternal cosmic keepers of the light.

We are made of star-stuff

Carl Sagan

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8 thoughts on “Embraced by the stars

  1. I’ve been working on a post with a similar theme and posted it round about the same time as you posted yours! 😀 I so agree that we need to let go of all the guilt we hang on to in order to enjoy all that life/God wants us to enjoy.

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    1. Thank you dear Lesley for your comments. Cosmic energies are urging us to be FREE: no need to carry what’s no longer needed. Otherwise, how could we receive all the goodness that waits for us ahead? How could the Universe and God uses us for the greatness of All/Whole? Many blessings, S*

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