The greatness of life

The greatness of life resides in the magic of the little things and the simplest moments. In simplicity, the splendor of Existence fascinates the soul that realizes its (own) greatness. The grandeur feeling awakens inside the blissfulness of being alive and of being part of such wonderful Creation. Silent whispers reach the depths of our being resonating with the silence that lives always within. Words cannot express the spiritual bubbling arising from such insightful/empathetic realization. Great is Life/Existence.

When we come to a point of feeling/realizing the greatness of life, life becomes great. It’s not a question of a great car/house/job/…, rather a deep realization of the greatness that already is regardless possessions/achievements. The simple awareness of being alive, turns life into the greatness that it is. Life becomes a celebration simply by being alive, no matter the circumstances. All becomes part of our human experience (white/black, day/night, happiness/sadness, etc), and all experiences are seen as so – all necessary, meaningful and a part of the whole.

Blessed I feel for being awakened/awakening, which is key for the realization of the greatness of life. After awakening, we start seeing the world with real eyes. Until then, we look at things/beings, but not necessarily see them. The eyes of the soul are closed as we are spiritually asleep. Fortunately, the “Beauty” has awaken to realize where the real beauty is. Now with eyes wide open, she (“Beauty”/soul) can perceive the greatness within “All that is”.

Affirmation: “I appreciate all moments of my life

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11 thoughts on “The greatness of life

  1. Yes, I have thought how even the worst moments in my life have helped me to learn compassion for others. Anger at others in the world is really anger with our own selves. Thank you for the beautiful writing.

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    1. Ultimately, it’ always about us, even when we think it’s about others… When we deeply realise it, all falsehood/egoness drops and compassion arises. Thank you dear friend for your wise remider. Be well, in the light, S*

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