Cosmic Portal of Light

Cosmic portal of light

When the portal of our heart aligns with the great cosmic portal, a vast activation of light, power and wisdom takes place. Infinite healing, creation and magic are also integrated. We are re-calibrated to a new, higher level of being. We awaken to a new reality that encloses the entire Existence, including higher dimensions/frequencies. Our heart becomes as big as the Universe and, at the same time, all the stars, solar systems, galaxies and spiritual realms, fit inside our heart.

When the portal of our heart resonates with the great portal of the cosmic heart, we are allowed to retrieve our greatness. Not the greatness of having or doing, but of being. The greatness of the infinite and abundant Existence, which is ours simply because we exist. Dropping shields/wounds/blockages is essential to fully unleash our light and to tap into our innate power. Not a power that destroys, rather a power that creates. And creates out of a divine essence, which is of love.

The great cosmic portal holds the embrace of the great mother of the Universe (Cosmos) and the blessings of the great father of Light (Source). It encloses infinite, higher levels of abundance, of love, of power, of wisdom and of mystery. In it’s energies, we are powerful co-creators of life and of goodness, of higher realities and of new beginnings. When our heart matches the heart of Creation, we face the sacred paths of light. There, the great cosmic mother gives life to our heart, the great father of light blesses our existence and we feel/experience that we are a being of infinite possibilities, co-creator of great realities.

Cosmic portal activation symbol for meditation and activation of our infinite potential. Download the free PDF of the cosmic activation symbol here. Also available at the Holistica2be Store

“I am a being of infinite possibilities, co-creator of great realities!”

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