Holistica2be aims to inspire people to live in harmony with “All that is”.

The lost connection with our Mother in the Earth and our Father in the Sky must now be recaptured. Can you hear their silent call inside your heart? Now it’s the time… The time to awaken and to change. The time to be the change we want to see in the world.

Whether through spiritual development, energy healing, angelic connection or green living (among others), we can bring balance and goodness into our lives and into our world.

The awakening of the “New Earth” doesn’t happen by chance, but by change. Change of our awareness first, followed by the change of our behavior, will trigger the ascension of humankind and of the Earth.

Life in itself is change, but because of our spiritual awakening, we can live intentionally with an holistic perspective, becoming co-creators of a new reality that has been under-construction for some decades now and awaits to be crystallized on the physical plane.

What can you do/change to live in harmony with the Whole? What can you do/change to bring balance and wellness, within and without? Well, you may not be able to go and save the Amazon Forest by now, but surely you can choose eco-friendly cleaning products for your home, or you can start eating more plant-based meals. Both will help to raise your vibration while caring for nature. Maybe you can start meditating and raise your awareness, or try some form of energy healing to remove any physical and/or emotional unbalances/blockages. Both will bring more light into your life and upon the world. Or maybe you can reach out for your angels and spirit guides, and bring their guidance and blessings into your life and the life of others. The most important thing is to do it from the heart, from inside out, being true to yourself and deep-rooted at soul level. For as long as path is of light, it will add light upon the Earth, it will bring goodness to all.

I hope you can find good inspirations and insights here. May we be whole with the Whole for the highest good of All. So it is.

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