The angel of your home

The angel of your home

Do you know that each home has its own angel? He is the angel/guardian of your home. Whether you are aware of it or not, whether you acknowledge his presence or not, he still there and he is responsible for the safety and harmony of your home. When we became aware of his presence, we … Continue reading The angel of your home


Shine your light, beautiful star

Shine your light beautiful star

While reading these lines, allow your mind to drive you into deep feeling/experience: Now, think about the stars in the night sky... so beautiful, so peaceful, so silent... quietly shinning their own light... Imagine that you are one of them and fly above, hang high in the sky... in stillness and far, you are peacefully … Continue reading Shine your light, beautiful star

Angel wings

Angel wings

Gentle and soft, Cozy and warmth... Silent divine touch, Embrace of pure love. When the world seems to be falling over you, and when you feel like stumbling around without a North, refuge on their wings and find comfort there. Allow the angels to catch/carry/protect you along the vicissitudes of life and feel as blessed … Continue reading Angel wings