The doorway is here now

The doorway is here now

The doorway for self-realization/enlightenment exists in the here and now. We often miss it because our mind takes us repeatedly into the past or into the future. In this temporal flashing, we are taken from the only place/time where the access resides. Here and now, we are in this body that is our home and … Continue reading The doorway is here now

Spirals of light

Spirals of light

Cosmic currents of light spiral around, whispering codes of ascension to the Earth and humankind. From beyond space and time, truth emerges with new revelations, infused with mystery and magic. Creation and releasing blend in a silent dance to heal/regenerate the hearts of Earth and of man. Lightworkers play with the light, allowing streams of … Continue reading Spirals of light

From the heart of Creation into the hearth of Earth

From the intense cosmic awareness/connection experienced lately, suddenly I felt my energy/awareness sinking down into the Earth. An inner call from the Great Mother pulled me down, and from the hearth of Creation, I felt diving into the heart of Earth. There was this deep feeling of offering Her my heart, my body, my life, … Continue reading From the heart of Creation into the hearth of Earth

Existence calls us up

Stellar portals open. Streams of light enter in. Awareness expands greatly. Awakening steps in. Activations massively take place. Transmissions are received. Lighter levels of Existence call us up. Higher consciousness spread around the world, leveling us up as a whole. The Earth ascends as well, matching the dreams of Creation. From the great cosmic heart … Continue reading Existence calls us up