The light within

The light within

The light we carry within is our true essence. Ultimately, it's all we are. It's eternal and divine, ever-present and unlimited, full of potential and of life. All we ever were or will be is within this light. All we had ever done or will do relies within this light. We are this spiritual seed/spark … Continue reading The light within


The meeting point of love and light

The meeting point of love and light

The Father above sends kisses of light downwards, through me, towards the core of the Mother in the Earth. The Mother Earth sends hugs of love upwards, through me, towards the heart of Source. They are in deep love for each other and I am the meeting point for their story. Up and down, through … Continue reading The meeting point of love and light

Nature’s call for balance

Nature's call for balance

Equinox is Nature time on the Earth's clock marking the perfect balance between day and night, light and darkness. At this time, Nature invites us to return to balance, and to even energetic expansion/expression and withdraw/introspection. It's time to slow down and to feel ourselves and our lives, by considering what was/is and preparing what … Continue reading Nature’s call for balance