The 4 Archangels in the 4 directions

The 4 Archangels in the 4 directions

Angelic connections are very personal experiences. In what concerns to the angels, as in many other things in life, there isn't such a thing as "the right way to do it". Even though most books/articles/videos place the 4 main Archangels in specific cardinal directions (e.g. Archangel Michael at South, Archangel Gabriel at West, Archangel Uriel … Continue reading The 4 Archangels in the 4 directions


Angel’s songs

Angels songs

If you have been following Holistica2be for a while, you won't be surprised by the fact that "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls is one of my favorite songs. It was written for the soundtrack of the movie "City of Angels", which touched me deeply inside and somehow awakened a more meaningful connection to the angels. … Continue reading Angel’s songs

Make time for your angels

Make time for your angels

Communing with the angels is a magical, uplifting experience that add value to our precious life. The relationship with the angels (like any other) is build up over time. Independent of the psychic/spiritual gifts we were born with and/or the stage of our psychic/spiritual development, we are all eligible for angelic connection/experiences. First, we are … Continue reading Make time for your angels

Asking is key for receiving angelic assistance

Asking is key for receiving angelic assistance

Asking for help is key in order to receive angelic assistance. This is not just some spiritual clichet, but rather an angelic prerequisite that catalyses angels help (learn more on this topic in*). Because of our free will, angelic beings need our permission to interfere in our lives and provide their help. Recently, I … Continue reading Asking is key for receiving angelic assistance