Meant to fly with angels

Meant to fly with angels

Some years ago, while questioning the Divine/Universe about the loner path I always seemed destined to walk no matter what, this was the message I received: "You are meant to fly with angels, not to walk with men". This angelic message vanished away all feelings of loneliness, abandon or even rejection that some now and … Continue reading Meant to fly with angels


Allow your angels to guide you

Allow your angels to guide you for they know the way. They know YOUR way. Entering the world of matter and living an intense, busy life immersed us in forgetfulness regarding the REAL reason for being alive. But our angels have our plans, their are the keepers of our mission, they know the divine route … Continue reading Allow your angels to guide you

Asking is key for receiving angelic assistance

Asking for help is key in order to receive angelic assistance. This is not just some spiritual clichet, but rather an angelic prerequisite that catalyses angels help (learn more on this topic in*). Because of our free will, angelic beings need our permission to interfere in our lives and provide their help. Recently, I … Continue reading Asking is key for receiving angelic assistance