The angel of your home

The angel of your home

Do you know that each home has its own angel? He is the angel/guardian of your home. Whether you are aware of it or not, whether you acknowledge his presence or not, he still there and he is responsible for the safety and harmony of your home. When we became aware of his presence, we … Continue reading The angel of your home


Letter from your angels

Letter from your angels

Dearest One, Maybe you hadn't yet realized I exist or maybe you had never saw/heard me, still I am here. And I am HERE FOR YOU, and just for you alone. ALWAYS. I am your closest one, the one always near. Know in your heart that you are never alone. I am waiting for your … Continue reading Letter from your angels

The 4 Archangels in the 4 directions

The 4 Archangels in the 4 directions

Angelic connections are very personal experiences. In what concerns to the angels, as in many other things in life, there isn't such a thing as "the right way to do it". Even though most books/articles/videos place the 4 main Archangels in specific cardinal directions (e.g. Archangel Michael at South, Archangel Gabriel at West, Archangel Uriel … Continue reading The 4 Archangels in the 4 directions

Make time for your angels

Make time for your angels

Communing with the angels is a magical, uplifting experience that add value to our precious life. The relationship with the angels (like any other) is build up over time. Independent of the psychic/spiritual gifts we were born with and/or the stage of our psychic/spiritual development, we are all eligible for angelic connection/experiences. First, we are … Continue reading Make time for your angels