Tune into universal Divine pace

Tune into universal divine pace

In mists of high fast pace of modern society, it's easy to loose our center and awareness. When we tune into the pace of the Universe, which is divinely timed, we feel as if we had returned to our natural state of being (actually we are!), experiencing calmness, centeredness and fulfillment. Everything flows easily and … Continue reading Tune into universal Divine pace


Remember who you are

Remember who you are

You are a sparkle of light, eternal with the Divine. You are never apart/alone, even when you feel so. You are truly and always loved, even when you don't feel so. You belong and are one the Source. Remember your ever-last essence, and rejoice in your eternal divine nature. Awaken from the inside, live from … Continue reading Remember who you are

Because of darkness we value light

Because of darkness we value light

It's because of darkness that we are able to value the light. Light exist regardless of darkness (although the opposite doesn't verify), but we need darkness, which ultimately is just the absence of light, to give light it's value. In the absence of light, we notice what is lacking. Ultimately, in darkness, we miss ourselves. … Continue reading Because of darkness we value light

This just one thing can take you out of inner turmoil

In our spiritual journey, inner turmoil, emotional roller coaster, and feelings of being lost and wrong happen to most of us, at least once in a while, as we peal the old layers and open ourselves to healing and to the light. Inner turmoil and distress drag us down into darkness, confusion, loneliness and doubt. … Continue reading This just one thing can take you out of inner turmoil