Because of darkness we value light

Because of darkness we value light

It's because of darkness that we are able to value the light. Light exist regardless of darkness (although the opposite doesn't verify), but we need darkness, which ultimately is just the absence of light, to give light it's value. In the absence of light, we notice what is lacking. Ultimately, in darkness, we miss ourselves. … Continue reading Because of darkness we value light


Focus on the light

Focus on the light

To focus on the light has been the main motto of my spiritual journey. Light is the "thing" that most resonates within me, reaching out for the soul in the depths of my being. The meditation I practice for years is basically based on a connection to the Source while being aware of my own … Continue reading Focus on the light

This just one thing can take you out of inner turmoil

In our spiritual journey, inner turmoil, emotional roller coaster, and feelings of being lost and wrong happen to most of us, at least once in a while, as we peal the old layers and open ourselves to healing and to the light. Inner turmoil and distress drag us down into darkness, confusion, loneliness and doubt. … Continue reading This just one thing can take you out of inner turmoil