7 ways to live in harmony with “All that is”

When we realize that "everything is alive, is interconnected and has meaning" (an old shamanic belief), we begin to live intentionally from a spiritual perspective. Naturally, we tend to align ourselves and our lives with the Whole trying to capture holistic balance once more. All the ways towards balance bring us back to a life in harmony with the "All that is". To me these are the most important ways to restore balance and live in harmony.


Why selenite is my favorite crystal

Why selenite is my favorite crystal

Light have always resonated with me and because of my part of being a keeper of the light, it is no surprising that selenite is my favorite crystal. Selenite has been referred as liquid light (e.g. Heather Askinosie from Energy Muse*), and when I am in contact with this crystal, I feel myself as light … Continue reading Why selenite is my favorite crystal

Crystals are great allies in spiritual growth

Crystals are great allies in spiritual growth

Crystals are high vibrational beings that can greatly support our spiritual awakening, our psychic development, our connection to angels and spirit guides, our holistic healing, and in so many other ways. Crystals are good companions on our spiritual journey to ascension, playing an important role in anchoring light within our hearts and upon the Earth. … Continue reading Crystals are great allies in spiritual growth