The spiritual role of the web

The spiritual role of the web

Have you wonder about the wonder of the web (www) under a spiritual perspective? Beyond the ordinary and functional connections, which facilitates the life of millions around the globe, and beyond the distractions that put people even more asleep than they already are, the web has an important spiritual role, crucial at this phase of … Continue reading The spiritual role of the web

All that is

All that is

"All that is" is alive, is interconnected and has meaning - are old shamanic beliefs, worthy of our best consideration and reflection. They bring us a sense of oneness and sacredness regarding all things/beings, as well as of a higher purpose underlying "All that is". It reminds us of the light/energy/essence within everything, and of the … Continue reading All that is

From Heart to Earth, just a little change

From Heart to Earth

Have you notice that both words "Heart" and "Earth" are composed by the same letters with "H" changing position from the beginning of the former to end of the last? Beyond words morphology, Heart and Earth are spiritually connected too. Being centered in our Heart (core of our being) is the first step to be … Continue reading From Heart to Earth, just a little change