Easy, eco-friendly homemade shampoo

Easy eco-friendly homemade shampoo

My ecological concerns, skin allergies and increased energetic sensitivity took me on a journey towards homemade, eco-friendly beauty care products.¬†After lots of research and experiences, some errors and trials, I came up with this simple, eco-friendly homemade shampoo. This recipe is easy to prepare and not too much time-demanding. It uses natural, vegan ingredients, which … Continue reading Easy, eco-friendly homemade shampoo


Have you heard about this super natural deodorant?

Going natural it's just my way. If you read some of the green living contents on Holistica2be, you will know what I mean. On My basic homemade beauty care products post, I described a natural deodorant that I have been using for a while, until now... that I discover this super natural, efficient deodorant. It is … Continue reading Have you heard about this super natural deodorant?