Blessing each other

Blessing each other

While playing with my cat, among caring touches and loving eyes contacts, it came into my mind that “we are a blessing on each other’s life”. Her life improved a lot because I brought her into my home and heart, and my life improved a lot for having such a loving, sweet friend around. She … Continue reading Blessing each other

The greatness of life

The greatness of life resides in the magic of the little things and the simplest moments. In simplicity, the splendor of Existence fascinates the soul that realizes its (own) greatness. The grandeur feeling awakens inside the blissfulness of being alive and of being part of such wonderful Creation. Silent whispers reach the depths of our … Continue reading The greatness of life

Naturally going our way

Naturally going our way

Every step we take to go natural, whether physically or spiritually, gets us closer to our natural state and essence. Going natural may take many ways, all implying a green, conscious lifestyle and state of being. Green eating/cleaning and eco-choices/solutions are some of the simple things we can engage ourselves to go natural. At a … Continue reading Naturally going our way

Nature’s call for balance

Nature's call for balance

Equinox is Nature time on the Earth's clock marking the perfect balance between day and night, light and darkness. At this time, Nature invites us to return to balance, and to even energetic expansion/expression and withdraw/introspection. It's time to slow down and to feel ourselves and our lives, by considering what was/is and preparing what … Continue reading Nature’s call for balance