Keeping the light

Keeping the light

Lightworkers are special beings with a spiritual mission of elevating/uplifting the Earth and humanity through their light and conduct. Whether you feel/know you are a lightworker or not, know that you are keeping the light whenever: You hold a vision of goodness for othersYou bless other people on your daily interactionsYou wish all the best … Continue reading Keeping the light

Down-to-Earth ways of being a keeper of the light

Down-to-Earth ways of being a keeper of the light

Being a keeper of the light was a revelation I received along my spiritual path. Shortly, a keeper of the light is someone who consciously hold the light within and without. Even though this part is mostly a non-physical/subtle thing with much of "behind the scenes" and undercover lightwork, still there are practical ways of … Continue reading Down-to-Earth ways of being a keeper of the light

The need for undercover lightwork

The need for undercover lightwork

After such intense autumn letting go, I found myself strangely stranger than usual, and tremendously calm; centered within, looking to my surroundings (body included) with glittering sight. I felt more light and free without the need to do anything else, or even to look for something else. There was a inner feeling of surrender in … Continue reading The need for undercover lightwork