The need for undercover lightwork

The need for undercover lightwork

After such intense autumn letting go, I found myself strangely stranger than usual, and tremendously calm; centered within, looking to my surroundings (body included) with glittering sight. I felt more light and free without the need to do anything else, or even to look for something else. There was a inner feeling of surrender in … Continue reading The need for undercover lightwork


More on being a keeper of the light

More on being a keeper of the light

There I was once again in this sacred, secret place, which I accessed this time through the 7-pointed start (also known as Elven star, or Faery star). The symbol start to enter more and more into my head, I gather more information about it and started to drawing it while gazing in a meditative-contemplative, relaxed … Continue reading More on being a keeper of the light