3 Essential practices for spiritual growth

3 Essential practices for spiritual growth

Even though there isn't such a thing as "one-size-fit-all" in what concerns to our spiritual journey, there are some basic spiritual practices that can be considered essentials for our spiritual growth/ascension. Because each one of us is a unique spiritual being, we may need to experiment/adapt our spiritual practice, so our practice can serve us … Continue reading 3 Essential practices for spiritual growth


Alive in Oneness

Alive in Oneness

I am One with the Source, I am One with the Earth. Breathing in light, Breathing out love. Connected to all, as always have been, In Oneness, awakenedand alive from within! This came to me in early morning meditation, while visualizing my connection and alignment with the Earth and the Source. © 2019 Susana Cabaco … Continue reading Alive in Oneness

A morning prayer will set the tone for the day

A morning prayer will set the tone for the day

Prayer is a way of communication with the Divine. In prayer we express our needs, our feelings, our desires and our gratitude to something "Higher than us", while expecting to be "heard". What we not often realize is that its not exactly about the words we use, whether aloud or in silence, but the vibration … Continue reading A morning prayer will set the tone for the day

7 ways to live in harmony with “All that is”

When we realize that "everything is alive, is interconnected and has meaning" (an old shamanic belief), we begin to live intentionally from a spiritual perspective. Naturally, we tend to align ourselves and our lives with the Whole trying to capture holistic balance once more. All the ways towards balance bring us back to a life in harmony with the "All that is". To me these are the most important ways to restore balance and live in harmony.