Shine your light, beautiful star

Shine your light beautiful star

While reading these lines, allow your mind to drive you into deep feeling/experience: Now, think about the stars in the night sky... so beautiful, so peaceful, so silent... quietly shinning their own light... Imagine that you are one of them and fly above, hang high in the sky... in stillness and far, you are peacefully … Continue reading Shine your light, beautiful star


Soul pics, timeless memories

Soul pics timeless memories

Nested within my own heartHearing the beats of my soulRemembering what was dormantAware of the WholeI am here and also thereI am this, but also thatConnected to all, united from soultimeless memories, the eternal call.  © 2019 Susana Cabaco / Holistica2be - All Rights Reserved. You have permission to share this content for as long … Continue reading Soul pics, timeless memories

From Heart to Earth, just a little change

From Heart to Earth

Have you notice that both words "Heart" and "Earth" are composed by the same letters with "H" changing position from the beginning of the former to end of the last? Beyond words morphology, Heart and Earth are spiritually connected too. Being centered in our Heart (core of our being) is the first step to be … Continue reading From Heart to Earth, just a little change

City gardens are spiritually relevant

In midst of human/urban landscape characterized by lack of natural energies, city gardens are nature sanctuaries that help us all holistically, in a very subtle way. They are like vibrational gateways of relevant energetic input that improve local energy/vibration. Even though city gardens can't be compared to wild woods, still they play an important spiritual role … Continue reading City gardens are spiritually relevant

7 ways to live in harmony with “All that is”

When we realize that "everything is alive, is interconnected and has meaning" (an old shamanic belief), we begin to live intentionally from a spiritual perspective. Naturally, we tend to align ourselves and our lives with the Whole trying to capture holistic balance once more. All the ways towards balance bring us back to a life in harmony with the "All that is". To me these are the most important ways to restore balance and live in harmony.