The road of life

The road of life won’t always be easy. Yet great destinations are not available through ordinary roads/paths. Rocks and holes, blocks and lostness, can bring confusion and an inner sense of going nowhere. At such times, it’s important to stop, even if briefly, to re-assess and re-evaluate our life journey and current circumstances. Which direction … Continue reading The road of life

Sacred fire life renewal

Sacred fire life renewal

Fire is profoundly sacred and transformative. It’s deeply purifying, liberating and renovator - therefore, a promoter of new beginnings/life. Fire has the ability to change all things/beings that enter in connection with its essence. Things won’t ever be the same. The wood turns into ashes, no longer carrying the past of the plant, but simply … Continue reading Sacred fire life renewal

Nature blissfulness

Nature blissfulness

Nature has the ability to connect us with our intrinsic spiritual nature, which is full of divinity. She is the greatest spiritual healer/therapist, easily dwelling us into a deep sense of "feeling good" and spiritual delight. To apprehend nature's wonders (through our physical/psychic senses) is to open the doors to soul wonderland. Our connection with … Continue reading Nature blissfulness