Shine your light, beautiful star

Shine your light beautiful star

While reading these lines, allow your mind to drive you into deep feeling/experience: Now, think about the stars in the night sky... so beautiful, so peaceful, so silent... quietly shinning their own light... Imagine that you are one of them and fly above, hang high in the sky... in stillness and far, you are peacefully … Continue reading Shine your light, beautiful star


The divine language of silence

The divine language of silence

Silence is the spiritual language of the soul/heart. Silence is the language of the Divine. Silence is the gateway to recapture our essence and restore from within. In silence, we are able to heal and nurture the soul. In silence, we are able to "listen" our higher self and the Source. In silence, we can … Continue reading The divine language of silence

Spiritual lessons learned from Nature

Spiritual lessons learned from Nature

Contemplating Nature is being present in the classroom of life. Each day, the teacherprovides deep spiritual insights and many universal truths, all invaluable for an awakened state and balanced life. Here I list some of the spiritual lessons learned so far: Be patient - beautiful things take time. From seed to flower, time and refinement … Continue reading Spiritual lessons learned from Nature

From Heart to Earth, just a little change

From Heart to Earth

Have you notice that both words "Heart" and "Earth" are composed by the same letters with "H" changing position from the beginning of the former to end of the last? Beyond words morphology, Heart and Earth are spiritually connected too. Being centered in our Heart (core of our being) is the first step to be … Continue reading From Heart to Earth, just a little change

Because of darkness we value light

Because of darkness we value light

It's because of darkness that we are able to value the light. Light exist regardless of darkness (although the opposite doesn't verify), but we need darkness, which ultimately is just the absence of light, to give light it's value. In the absence of light, we notice what is lacking. Ultimately, in darkness, we miss ourselves. … Continue reading Because of darkness we value light