Dare to be different

"In a world full of copies, dare to be different, dare to be you. What makes you different is what makes you special, the reason why you are here. The world needs your authenticity. Allow the Divine/Universe to use it for the highest good of all. Cosmic evolution is unfolding through you. Embrace and love … Continue reading Dare to be different


In the light of the Divine

In the light of the divine

In the light of the Divine, I see only love. I found a safe refuge to nurture and heal the soul.Sparkling my light,with Him I am whole.I return to myself,and my eternal home. © 2019 Susana Cabaco / Holistica2be – All Rights Reserved. You have permission to share this content for as long as you … Continue reading In the light of the Divine

From Heart to Earth, just a little change

From Heart to Earth

Have you notice that both words "Heart" and "Earth" are composed by the same letters with "H" changing position from the beginning of the former to end of the last? Beyond words morphology, Heart and Earth are spiritually connected too. Being centered in our Heart (core of our being) is the first step to be … Continue reading From Heart to Earth, just a little change